Thursday, February 24, 2011

The injured has an operation

The traffic accident relating in this tiny Bo takes place on December 24 Christmas Eve, the matter delivers the location Christian Louboutin Black Leather Peep Toe Shoes is at Xu Jia Hui is road agreeable Chang road neighborhood.Both parties, the party concerneds are all squares, all already 60 many year old.At that time, Lin in square is house is riding a bicycle , after being knocked downed by the sedan, wased sent into a hospital by the ambulance.The injured has an operation, be released before down in the next day that very day dead hour, but because of weighing a degree brain external injury and lose blood excessive, still keep unfortunately leaving human life on the afternoon of December 25.
According Christian louboutin leopard boot to understand, when the family members from Lin in square is house arrive at to hand over a Jing section a processing, but discover that the sedan driver, 65-year-old square morning Chanel Ballet Shoes White Mixed Black doesn,t appear publicly.To this, the family members of Lin in square is house mean to don,t understand, trouble after taking place, square the morning went to other parts of country, but even if such, he can ast least deliver a message Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps Brown in person to mean apology.
Afterwards, square Lin family members in the house is friend after knowing this circumstance, in the network now the matter delivered tiny Bo, the tiny Bo also means, sedan driver square morning at new Huang Pu group work, 65 years old this year.There Chanel Camellia flip flops shoes is data that suggest, Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump the morning of square once worked new Huang Pu the group party Wei secretary.
The responsibility affirms to is still question
The information that Lu Wan police outward announces said that at 8:32 p.m. on December 24, the trouble is occurrence is location rides the man of bicycle to get hurt for Xu Jia Hui is road agreeable Chang street corner, a sedan Christian Louboutin Lace Button Bootie and bicycle occurrence colliding with each other, with the result that.Go to about 1:45 p.m. on December 25, get hurt man square some through salvage invalid death.The police is launching a survey currently.

There is no an apology

(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Win a new net on December 29 and give or get an electric shock according Chanel black patent leather shoes to Hong Kong radio station news, a woman in Hong Kong lies to know businessman Pan Di to living, and father is business need funds urgently and deceive 8 citizen match total 1,200,000 dollars(hk$, Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes bottom together), early ex- admits 17 to cheat and steals to wait criminal acts, judges Jian in the court in Hong Kong of 2 years and 4 months.
The woman before already because of similar cheat a case to judge Jian, is taking Xing now, the time parts of Xing expects to Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes carry out with previous same period now, past Xing time prolong for 10 months.
(Responsibility Christian Louboutin prive patent peep pump editor:Zhao Ting)
"The friend is father Christmas Eve is bumped by the car, the next day is pathetic to depart Christian Louboutin Bouquet Platform from this life.Take matter driver for the square morning(is Christian Louboutin Chanel golden ballet shoes Three-Strap Mary Jane black patent leather Chanel golden ballet shoes male, 65 years old) of new Huang Pu is group, have never appeared up to now, there is no an apology, have never taken penny medical expenses money ……police department processing Christian louboutin leopard boot trouble, cause trouble driver still don,t appear, say is make a speech to the other parts of country!"Recently, tiny Bo customer the tiny Bo of"the wood lightly rounds Bo" drive a great deal of redistribution.
This morning, the Lu Wan police confirms traffic accident to the medium, Chanel black patent leather shoes but because of trouble reason, process Manolo Blahnik Chanel Camellia flip flops shoes silver buckle d,Orsay not clear, Christian Louboutin patent leather Peep Toe shoes Black have never affirmed be matter everyone is responsibility.According Tory Burch Silver leather Flat Shoes to know, the police has already delivered the road segment public notice that pastes up "look for traffic accident eyewitness" in Christian Louboutin Zebra Crossing Lining the matter.
The tiny Bo blames Gao Guan heartless

The academic realm sometimes really needs to be been partial to just

Last year, Sun Jian Kun passed the national game of 14 vehemences and got into Yang to see large Chinese studies knowledge the finals of the contest 《was happy to learn Chinese studies 》 combined to finally acquire third winner.He is the only high school student in the contestant.On the spot, Sun Jian Kun acquaints with degree to the ancient ancient works of 《Chu Ci 》 , and 《Analects 》 ...etc., let a few ages greatly ascend contestant Jimmy Choo Satin Diamante Platform Sandals Black about 10 years old to unanimously mean than him"deelpy ashamed".
However, because exertion disorders, Sun Jian Kun is Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump Gao Kao result is lower than an acceptance line in Shaanxi province 6 cents.Reply Dan university to prepare to make an exception to admit Sun Jian Kun, many times and Shaanxi province Christian Louboutin Glittered Platform Pump Marine recruit to Salvatore Ferragamo Flats Purple do a communication negotiation, however the latter strictly carries out acceptance rules and refuses that his file throws to reply Dan university.After medium disclose this matter, the focus of public opinion immediately Christian Louboutin prive patent peep pump points to Shaanxi province to recruit to Jimmy Choo Open-Toe satin pump black do and thinks that they follow accepted routine, not the ability is vivid to improvise.Everyones, such as Qian Zhong Shu and Wu Mao...etc. are made an Manolo Blahnik black patent leather pumps exception the literary reference of acceptance also be often hashed up.Many people think "the Shu industry Christian Louboutin Double-Platform Slingbacks off-white has been already majored in", the academic realm sometimes really needs to be been partial to just.
The end Shaanxi province recruits to do to have no to reply Dan to put file, Sun Jian Kun is receiving the acceptance notification of University of Shanxi, but admitting his the history filled for wishing other ideas doesn,t learn profession, but be adjusted to arrive a method to learn profession.After entering school, Sun Jian Kun makes changes Chanel flat ballet shoes gold in profession to application in the school, University of Shanxi Yves Saint Laurent Leather Platform Pump Pink after the investigation and the communication, arranged him to the beginning school of arts in the college Jimmy Choo North sandal Snake Skin of people experiment class, hope to make him learn school of arts foundation knowledge firmer.The Jimmy Choo Grand suede pointed toe ankle boots beginning people is college is University of Shanxi last year just- established college, is the experimental unit of undergraduate course reform in education in University of Shanxi.The student of the college at enter school don,t divide profession in the first two years, only have the cent of literary style section;It Be divided the line Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Slingback Silver profession after choosing Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps Brown by student Chanel ballet flats shoes is independence the third academic year.The beginning people is college practices for 4 years, whole distance guidance program, each tutor guides 10 students.

Want ~only Christian Louboutin Glitter Heel SlingBack Black a problem concerning Chinese studies

The affairs looks back rare"the thou scholar is just" is queried of acceptance system
Sun Jian Kun is Xian of an in response to Gao San is graduate Chanel white patent leather shoes students.Reply "Bo Ya Bei" humanities knowledge big prize match that the Dan university establishes for independence soliciting students but in November, 2009 in, his Chanel Black Leather Ankle Boots thesis 《< mountain sea through> Chanel golden ballet shoes property and become a book and test for age 》 outshines others and acquires one from more than 3000 examinees in the whole country etc. prize.Later on after two personal interviews, his firm Chinese studies achievement bottom got the professor is approbation of eight historiography profession and unanimously thought "he has the best academic potential in classic cultural cultivated manners in China".According to replying the rules of Dan, as long Christian Louboutin Eugenie suede Pumps black as his Gao Kao is result attains a line, can be solicited students an acceptance by the independence.
From 8 years old start, Sun Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Kun is fond of ascend Chinese Christian Louboutin Platform Cage Sandal Black Tory Burch Black Patent Leather Flat Shoes studies, beginning understand don,t understand ground to turn over to see several hundreds of books bound by stitches that the great grandfather spread down and use the collection of essays that the small Zhuan copies.Come down for several years, Sun Jian Kun read about 2000 through the history ancient works.
At the end of 2007, Sun Jian Kun and Chinese studies master, Chen Yin Ke,s, daughter, medium mountain university the chemistry fasten to teach Chen Mei to postpone to start using a text to talk text correspondence, and put forward a different opinion to some standpoints Christian Louboutin platform slingbacks Black in 《Chen Yin Ke is collection of essays 》 .In the letter contacts, Chen Mei postponed to once think that Sun Jian Kun is an old scholar.In the classmate eyes, want ~only Christian Louboutin Glitter Heel SlingBack Black a problem concerning Chinese studies, Sun Jian Kun understands everything, what can say, as a result all Christian Louboutin Zebra Crossing Lining call his"director".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Climb paying of an one-storied house house roof four even

Dead hour, 10 people act a group to eventually fight down a suspect
While rescuing Chen Chun Zhi, the last Cai Xuan police department organization grasps to catch a suspect to pay four even activities to immediately launch.At this time, climb paying of an one-storied house house roof four even, make use of night view to make to cover, often grasp to catch people Jing with the brick piece, broken tile attack, but people Jing has been having no hastily an activity.Night 10:40, pay four even hold a bayonet to stand down an one-storied house.10 people constituting to°from armed police, people Jing the activity group surround an one-storied house and allow at 11:00, the implementation grasps armed police and fire fight warrior catching to hurtle into a house to the similar lightning flash, will pay four even ens to pour in the ground.

Back ascend a burst of and disorderly Tong

According to western Hong public security official police substation pair bureau chief Wu Hui Chuan is introduction:After receiving to report, bureau chief Chen Chun Zhi immediately leads 7 people Jings to rush through to leave for to pay Chuang village.
"When 9:00 A.M. arrived to, pay four even have already returned to oneself yard inside, carried a bayonet in hand, the emotion is excited, say who enter the hospital killed who."Wu Hui Chuan says that people Jing stood on the front door to persuade more than a hour disappears an effect, in consideration of adopting the compulsive measure will incense him, people Jing decides to temporarily withdraw the spot, warnning in the neighborhood.
At about 2:00 p.m., pay four even again yell to shout loudly in the yard, yell to have to be homicidal.Chen Chun Zhi leads people Jing to again and again and again persuade, but invalid.At 5:30 p.m., pay four even brandish a bayonet of a few desire rush out, all drive guarding of front door place people Jing block up with the wood rod once yard inside.At 5:40, pay four even again be blocked up to return to for an instant, be apart from to pay four even recent Chen Chun Zhi Chous quasi- empty be, hurtled up from behind block a waist to tightly embrace it, but violently pay four even soon once turned round, used a bayonet toward the head of Chen Chun Zhi up, back ascend a burst of and disorderly Tong.7 knives in the body of Chen Chun Zhi, pour in the pool of blood, be urgent sent to a hospital to rescue.

Friday, January 21, 2011

He with Zhao Guo since wait 34 villagers

Yesterday, the south Yuan village party department secretary Mr. Chen said, got hurt to 2 people a matter had no knowledge and advertised for a ground of in expiation of style of waited a related affair before have already opened to the villager.
The one who call to assault shouts "let you again sue in court"
"They chase my draw down car, after beating away to take to kick, threw into the ditch of the wayside inside."Yesterday Tory Burch Blue Suede Flat Shoes 3:00 p.m., inside the right wound surgery sickroom in Anne door hospital, about 60 years old of a day before speaking of of Wang Zuo Zhu evening is attacked of process, the emotion is often excited.
Wang Zuo Zhu recalls, the matter delivers on that night, he with Zhao Guo since wait 34 villagers, at south Yuan delicacies the street has supper, night about 8:00, he takes Zhao christian louboutin shoes Guo rise of the summer benefit car go home.The car opens for a several minutes, when going into a western side of 11 brigade south doors of armed polices 30 meters is or so a sedan suddenly overtakes a car and doesn,t go to a wayside the summer benefit, another sedan then stops at left side.
"I just drive door, thought with the other party theory, knife chopped down down, at that time Christian Louboutin Multi Bootie Boots I the subconscious ground was protected a head with the left hand, the knife at the right moment chopped down on the left hand."Wang Zuo Zhu said that the other party contains 67 people and block up a driver respectively and copilot the car door in the both sides, hold to chop down weapon involved in murders, such as knife and fire fight ax...etc., come over to his Lun.He is pulled up a car outside by the other party later on, throw in the wayside ditch to beat away to take to kick.