Thursday, February 24, 2011

The injured has an operation

The traffic accident relating in this tiny Bo takes place on December 24 Christmas Eve, the matter delivers the location Christian Louboutin Black Leather Peep Toe Shoes is at Xu Jia Hui is road agreeable Chang road neighborhood.Both parties, the party concerneds are all squares, all already 60 many year old.At that time, Lin in square is house is riding a bicycle , after being knocked downed by the sedan, wased sent into a hospital by the ambulance.The injured has an operation, be released before down in the next day that very day dead hour, but because of weighing a degree brain external injury and lose blood excessive, still keep unfortunately leaving human life on the afternoon of December 25.
According Christian louboutin leopard boot to understand, when the family members from Lin in square is house arrive at to hand over a Jing section a processing, but discover that the sedan driver, 65-year-old square morning Chanel Ballet Shoes White Mixed Black doesn,t appear publicly.To this, the family members of Lin in square is house mean to don,t understand, trouble after taking place, square the morning went to other parts of country, but even if such, he can ast least deliver a message Manolo Blahnik Diamond Clasp Satin Pumps Brown in person to mean apology.
Afterwards, square Lin family members in the house is friend after knowing this circumstance, in the network now the matter delivered tiny Bo, the tiny Bo also means, sedan driver square morning at new Huang Pu group work, 65 years old this year.There Chanel Camellia flip flops shoes is data that suggest, Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump the morning of square once worked new Huang Pu the group party Wei secretary.
The responsibility affirms to is still question
The information that Lu Wan police outward announces said that at 8:32 p.m. on December 24, the trouble is occurrence is location rides the man of bicycle to get hurt for Xu Jia Hui is road agreeable Chang street corner, a sedan Christian Louboutin Lace Button Bootie and bicycle occurrence colliding with each other, with the result that.Go to about 1:45 p.m. on December 25, get hurt man square some through salvage invalid death.The police is launching a survey currently.

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